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Our Story

At UDA we have one mission: make healthy longevity available to all.

We're doing this by taking a ritual enjoyed by almost everyone - a morning cup of coffee - and infusing it with ingredients which target the core pathways of ageing!

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Our Approach

UDA was built to make longevity easy and habitual. We chose coffee as our delivery method because most people already have a coffee routine, and research shows it's easier to form a new habit by replacing an existing one.

Our Team

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Founder & CEO

Dr. Avi Roy

Avi is an Oxford trained biomedical scientist, as well as mentor and investor in health-tech startups.

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Kevin Yang

Kevin is a computer engineer and tech entrepreneur, with a passion for human longevity!

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Chief Operating Officer

Rory Paterson

Rory has over a decade of experience bringing food and drinks products to the US, UK, and Europe.

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Research & Ops

Chris Curwen

Chris has scientific training in cell & gene therapies, and is indispensable to UDA's day-to-day operations.

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Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jared Tumiel

Jared is a medical doctor and works on translational science and human longevity at UDA.

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Chief Science Officer

Dr. Nataliya Vorobyeva

Natasha has a PhD in neuroscience and has published several notable papers in the longevity field.

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