NMN - longevity royalty!

NMN - longevity royalty!

The popularity of nicotinamide mononucleotide ("NMN", as it's affectionately called by pretty much everyone) has exploded in recent years. After being prominently talked about in places such as the Joe Rogan Experience with longevity expert Dr David Sinclair, as well as on Sinclair's own podcast series, demand for a high quality source of NMN has skyrocketed.

We're also big fans of NMN, and the NMN in UDA Longevity Coffee is of the highest quality and purity! 

But why is NMN such a big deal for longevity?

NNM is essential for the production of NAD+ (which is why you'll sometimes see it referred to as an NAD+ precursor).

NAD+ is a critical small molecule that helps many proteins and enzymes perform their functions. Scientists have shown that as you age, your levels of NAD+ decline, and this has been shown to correlate with the decline in mitochondrial function.

Dietary supplementation with NMN can restore the amount of NAD+ to adequate levels, enabling several reactions leading to ATP production and preventing the formation of reactive oxygen species. In addition, NAD+ is also required for the proper functioning of sirtuins, a specific type of enzyme that is involved in ageing. Overall, aberrant processes such as accumulation of reactive oxygen species with resulting DNA damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, and inactivation of sirtuins are caused by an age-related decrease in NAD + levels and can be restored and repaired by the supply of NAD + in the form of NMN. Since depleted NAD + levels contribute to aging, NAD + supplementation promotes protective effects against aging.





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