Is it safe to combine these ingredients?

Yes, our research showed that as well as each having a robust safety profile, each of the ingredients included in the UDA longevity formula poses no threat of negatively reacting with each other or the coffee in which it is combined.

When should I drink UDA coffee?

UDA coffee can be easily substituted instead of your normal instant coffee brand. We would also like to recommend not drinking UDA coffee too close to your bedtime, as there is evidence that consuming caffeine before going to sleep can disrupt your body’s natural sleep cycle.

How should I prepare my UDA coffee?

Although the ingredients are resistant to heat, to minimize the risk of boiling water reducing the effectiveness of the formula we suggest letting your boiling water cool for 1 minute in an open kettle, before using it to prepare the UDA coffee.

How important is the brewing temperature?

So that the active ingredients are not destroyed, it is advisable to brew the coffee in boiled water under 80°C. Nothing harmful for health is produced by brewing with hotter water, but the thermal destruction of some of the additives will reduce the effectiveness of the coffee.

Can milk/cream/soya milk be added to it?

You can, milk/cream or soya milk will not affect the effect of the coffee. The fats and oils in these products can even increase the effectiveness of the additives in the coffee, by allowing the water-insoluble active ingredients in the additives to dissolve.

Can sugar or sweet syrups be added?

Yes, it is fine, it does not affect the function of the coffee.

Is drinking coffee unhealthy?

In fact, the opposite is true. Drinking coffee has been associated with reduced risk of all-cause mortality (i.e. your risk of dying from any cause over a given amount of time), and reduced risk of various age-related diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia. This is thought to be due to the large amounts of flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants that naturally occur in the coffee bean.

How many servings of UDA coffee can I drink a day?

About 2-5 cups a day, but we recommend 3 cups to achieve the strongest possible effect.

Do the additives affect the coffee taste?

No. When the product was developed, we selected a recipe which has the least effect on the taste of the coffee.

Do you have decaf?

Not yet! But watch this space!

Is UDA safe for people with allergies?

The additives in the coffee are not allergenic, but if you are aware of an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients, it is recommended that you do not use UDA coffee.